The starting point for the creation of Christel Sadde’s mobiles sprang from a need to dream, a personal quest for balance and a profound desire for lightness. In 2003 at the “NOW, Design à vivre” trade fair, a meeting with Pascale Mussard from HERMES and Ines de la Fressange from ROGER VIVIER encouraged her to create ever larger mobiles. While developing her custom-made business, Christel created a personal collection of XXL mobiles called Volabiles.

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The Cloud Tree:

ref.: CLO-20
Edition : Bespoke

Collection « Les Classiques »:

(multitude of stems and small shapes)

ref.: Volabile “I DANCE” – R1-13, 4 colors available
Edition: Bespoke

ref.: Volabile “I SOAR” – K1-13, 4 colors available
Edition: Bespoke

ref.: Volabile “I FLY AWAY” – K2-13, 4 colors available
Edition: Bespoke

Collection « Les Sculpturales » :

(some stems and some bulky shapes)

ref.: Volabile “I GO ROUND IN CIRCLES” – RM1-13, multicolore
Edition: Bespoke

Collection « Les Confettis » :

ref.: Volabile « CONFETTIS » – Conf1-17, multicolore
Edition: Bespoke

Collection « Les Explosions » :


ref.: Volabile  « EXPLOSION » – Ex1-17 / Ex2-17,
Edition: Bespoke