Christel’s creations based on the idea of a “culbuto” self-righting toy are a continuation of her research work on balance and the simplicity of geometric forms in space.

From a traditional toy, she wanted to create a simple, elegant and interactive sculpture:

  • Simple: only one shape used, “the sphere”, both 3-D and flat.
  • Elegant: through the use of brushed satin brass and natural leather.
  • Interactive: Christel have always liked the idea of movement and here she has added noise as a surprise.

The technical aspects of the culbuto were managed by Marc Miniussi, an ingenious sculptor. (Marco Miniussi)

The Giant
Reference: C1-15
Edition: 3 pieces signed and numbered
Le Culbuto Géant

The family Culbuto
Reference: C2-15
Edition: 8 pieces signed and numbered